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              Glass Washing Machine

              Vertical Glass Washing Machine

              1. This machine is designed for washing and drying glass. It has three sections: Inlet section, washing-drying section and outlet section.

              2. Features:
              1) Automatically distinguish the coating side of coated glass and Low-E glass

              2) 3 pairs of soft nylon brushes

              3) Belt drive brushes and low noise

              4) 2 independent water tanks and water cycle

              5) Water adding automatically

              6) High air press and low noise blower

              7) Air knife degree adjustable

              8) Stainless steel cover

              9) Frequency speed control

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              Technical Parameter:

              Glass washing speed0-8m/min
              Raw glass thickness3-15mm
              Min. glass size?200*450mm
              Max. glass size2000*3000mm
              Overall dimension8400*2100*3100mm