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              Vertical Insulating Glass Production Line

              Insulating Glass Production Line

              1. Automatically distinguish the coating side of coated glass and low-e glass
              2. PLC control system with touch screen operation
              3.Machine work and fault dynamic display.
              4.Outside assembly lines can produce standard double layer
              IG and three layers IG.
              5.Production lines are available for both of inside and outside panel press,with can produce stepped IG,standard double layer IG and three layers IG.
              6.Inter gas filling in the plate(optional).
              7.IG press design-gear and china synchronous device driven by hydraulic station.
              8.Frequency control designed for glass transmission.
              9.panel press openable,easy for glass transmission.
              10.Output:800IG units-single shift 8 hours(double layer IG,SIZE 1M).

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              Technical Parameter:

              Power21KwWorking speed2~45m/min
              Max glass size?3000x2000mmTrip dimensionX:0~150mm Y:0~50mm
              Min glass size500x300mm? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??Air pressure? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?0.8m³/min(1Mpa)
              Pane glass thickness ? ? ? ? ? ??3~12mmWater electrical conductivity≤40μs/cm
              Glass washing speed2~12m/minOverall dimension19450×3000×3100