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              End Milling Machine

              End Milling Machine

              1.It is used for processing the mid-frame of PVC and aluminum profiles.
              2.Milling the ending of profile,processing the ladder-shape joint.
              3.To process different sections by different cutters.
              4.The height of the milling cutter is adjustable.
              5.It can mill the ending of variable angle degree through adjusting the rotated angle of the location position board in the worktable.
              6.High precision linear guiding pair ensured steady and long-term processing accuracy.
              7. Infeeding by manual so that ensures the milling accuracy and protect the cutters.

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              ?Technical Parameter:

              Input voltage380V/50HzInput power1.5Kw
              Air pressure0.4-0.6MPaAir consumption80L/min
              Milling cutter diameterΦ115-Φ160mmMax. tenon depth ? ? ?200*70*45mm
              Overall dimension850x740x1280mmWeight200Kgs