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              Corner Cleaning Machine

              CNC Corner Cleaning Machine

              1.Professional used in cleaning the welding tumor in 90°corner of external for window frame and sash, the upper and lower of profile as well as the groove of rubber strip.
              2.Two-axis CNC cleaning the corner of processing flow controlling make the operation is easy.
              3.Adopts industry grade computer system, closed-loop controlling, ensures high precision.
              4.Interface in figures and diagrams which can display directly the moving trace of the cutter.
              5.It is simple, direct-viewing with the demonstrating program function, can set two-dimension processing programming by CNC controller.
              6.Equipped with USB connection, may connect with external store.
              7.The value can be stochastic keyed, revised the processing program on the spot, so that make the welding seam error can be cleaned up efficiently.
              8.Adopt the dust-cleaner which can clean the dust so that ensure the operator health.

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              Technical Parameter:?

              ?Power supply?380V/50Hz?Input power?3kW
              ?Millinf cutter rotary speed?2800r/min?Air pressure?0.5-0.8MPa
              ?Air consumption?60L/min?Profile height?30-120mm
              ?Profile width?20-120mm ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??Overall dimension ? ? ? ? ???2000x1820x1500mm ? ? ?
              ?Weight?About 650kg