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              About Us


              is a famous manufacturer of insulating glass machines, PVC door window machines and aluminum door window machines. WONDEC also sell glass finely processing machines, glass cutting machines, laminated glass (EVA) machines, thermal-break machines, PVC profiles and pipes extrusion machines, recycling machines and others. WONDEC H.Q. is in Jinan, China. WONDEC has sold machines to Canada, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Jordan, Lebanon, India, Nepal and other more than 50 countries.


              Technical Support:

              WONDEC has one technical team with rich experience which can provide the best machines solutions according to customers' need. WONDEC also manufacture machines as customized order.


              After Sale Service:

              WONDEC has a special team which can install machines and answer for machines problems professionally.


              Quality Control:

              WONDEC manufacture machines as customers country's voltage and frequency. Each machine is quality checked by three engineers. WONDEC machines are with high quality spare parts.